Liz Menkes is a highly professional Certified Building Biologist. I have been working with her for the past several years and am impressed by her ability to do reliable EMF measurements and offer remediation advice. Liz has excellent problem solving skills, and when necessary, consults with other professionals in this highly complex field. Her services are very important for the health of adults and children. Most homes today have a toxic EMR environment and most parents are unaware that this is contributing to health problems in their family. Most parents immunize their children to prevent disease. Lowering EMR exposure may be just as important, if not more so, in order to preserve good health. I believe the time has come for most people to get a reliable EMF assessment yearly as exposures are changing very quickly. I highly recommend Liz Menkes. Her services are a great value, plus she is very kind and personable. Dr. Toril Jelter

Pediatrician, Walnut Creek

I’ve had symptoms of chronic fatigue, nonspecific anxiety, general malaise and foggy brain for years. My doctor suggested I test my home for EMFs, so  I called Liz Menkes who found a huge magnetic field running right through my bed.  She turned off the problem breaker and that night I began sleeping more restfully than I had for years.  Over the following weeks as the faulty wiring in my home was repaired, I noticed that I was gaining energy and stamina, and that my mind was sharper.  I feel more like myself than I have for a decade and it’s wonderful!  I feel like Liz helped me find the fountain of youth.  Liz also educated about me about EMFs and provided resources to fix problems; plus she was supportive and delightful to work with. THANK YOU for making my home and body healthier Liz!!

W.D., Berkeley

Liz Menkes recently assessed our home for EMF exposure and I give her my highest recommendation. Though I had already taken many steps to reduce EMFs before calling her, I quickly learned that there was enormous benefit to seeking out this professional assessment.  Liz was extremely helpful and easy to talk with from our very first phone call.  She clearly has a great deal of passion for her work and for helping people find solutions.  She was exceptionally thorough and conscientious every step of the way, from ensuring all relevant measurements were taken and explained, to offering us the pros and cons of various remediation options, to ensuring that all questions were sufficiently answered.

Teresa Jones, Walnut Creek

Liz Menkes was the professional expert we needed to help identify the EMF issues around our house. We’ve had health concerns lately and her assessment  of our EMF conditions throughout our home helped us understand how to clean up our environment. She explains solutions clearly based on her test results. We followed them and took action. Couldn’t be happier with her service and help to get our health issues resolved.

The Taylors, Walnut Creek

Liz did a great job checking the EMFs in our home and helping to make my son’s room a safe place to sleep.  His room measured very high on the EMF scale.  Now that Liz has helped me to lower that, he sleeps better and is no longer getting headaches.  He is even doing better in school.  Thanks Liz for the great job.  I would recommend this for everyone!

Sue G., Walnut Creek

Liz is an excellent communicator and educator, explaining technical subjects clearly and answering questions well. She is easy and delightful to work with, as well as being extremely knowledgeable, thorough in her work and technically excellent! When she says that she’ll get back to me with information, she does so rapidly and responsibly.  It is wonderful to find someone who is as outstanding in her work and also as good with people as Liz is!

Having an assessment done on my home has been a great help because I knew that something was wrong here, but I was not sure what was causing the problems. Now I am at ease in my home again. Liz let me know clearly what needed to be fixed and how to get assistance with the suggested improvements. Her written summary of findings and recommendations has been very helpful, boosting me to stay on track with the changes that still need to be made.

A. M., Mountain View

Liz was a life-saver. She educated me by giving me essential background information to prepare me for her assessment and the numbers I would be seeing.  Her knowledge and experience calmed me; I knew I was working with someone who could evaluate my living situation.  She wisely told me of options to address my situation.  Liz is kind and patient, and she is passionate about helping others understand the electronic (chaotic) world they are living in.

Cynthia, Berkeley

Liz’s consultation was amazingly thorough, but more importantly, her way of communicating and pacing the consult supported me every step of the way. I’d feared I’d be overwhelmed by all of the “tech” info, but she answered questions with patience, and her time with me was beyond generous, including very responsive follow-up emails with any/every question that’s arisen since. She helped this pretty sensitive-gal find her way toward better health.

S.S., Emeryville

As a person who suffers from EMF hypersensitivity, I’ve had the good fortune to work with Liz Menkes in the mitigation of electromagnetic emissions in our home. Ms. Menkes deserves a 5-star rating as an EMF specialist. Her tenacity in problem solving, her professional expertise, her caring personal interest in her clients’ welfare, and her enthusiastic love of her work make her a stand-out in this field.  I have found Ms. Menkes to be unequaled in her clear communication skills and in the “after-care” of her clients. It is because of Ms. Menkes’ personal and professional qualities that she brings to bear on all her assignments, that I consider her to be a bright star in the Building Biology profession. I recommend Ms. Menkes without reservation, enthusiastically and gratefully!

Irene Boltz

Speech Pathologist, Walnut Creek

I have worked with a number of EMF professionals, and Liz Menkes is among the best.  She is professional, informative, thorough, thoughtful, kind, and in a league of her own when it comes to careful follow up.  She stays up on the latest developments in the field, and consults with a wide variety of experts in sub-fields as needed.  I highly recommend Liz for anyone who has EMF concerns.

B.A., Corte Madera

Now that Liz Menkes has made a thorough and professional assessment of my living space, I feel confident that I can once again be safe and live in it for the rest of my years.  I was not only impressed by her knowledge of the field of EMF’s but by the care and concern she exhibited for my well-being.  Her openness in  sharing her knowledge with me on the smallest of issues and her patience in explaining things to me was most appreciated, especially in presenting  solutions to remediate the problems she found.    I feel safe once again in my home.  Thank you Liz!

Sheila Goldmacher, Berkeley

Liz Menkes goes the extra mile in helping her clients understand and remedy their EMF home problems. She spent more than five hours at my home taking careful measurements of the four different types of EMFs. From this she generated a very detailed report, including recommendations on how I might reduce my particularly high ‘dirty electricity’ readings which I suspected were causing a body rash and sudden increase in blood pressure. Since my home presents some unusual conditions, she researched and consulted with colleagues about the optimal choice of methods to bring down the dirty electricity readings with an eye to finding the best cost/effectiveness fit. It has been a pleasure to work with Liz.

M. W., Palo Alto

My husband and I are so thankful that Liz came to our home to assist us with our issues related to EMFs. First of all, she is highly knowledgeable in the field of Building Biology and EMFs. Her presence, in and of itself, was calming and she answered all of our questions and concerns with respect and clarity. She provided us with understandable scientific research that allowed us to clearly see how important modulating the negative effects of EMFs in our home really was. Her suggestions have helped us create an environment in our home that is supportive of health and well-being. We are so grateful for her expertise that is enabling us to live healthier, and even possibly, ensuring longer life spans. We recommend Liz to all of our family and friends as everyone can benefit from her wisdom.

Dr. Helena, Kensington

Liz was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I hired her to test my room because I had been getting headaches at my desk. Liz communicates very clearly. She took the time to explain the testing and took the time to answer many questions afterward via email. At her recommendation, I was able to implement a few low-cost solutions that greatly improved my situation. I recommend her to anyone wanting to better understand how EMFs are impacting their living space.

Greg, Berkeley

I would definitely recommend Liz’s services.  She is knowledgeable, thorough, responsible, kind, patient, willing to explain things, and a dedicated professional. She is really passionate about this work and improving people’s health by improving their living environment. Liz is a great problem solver and very solution oriented – always trying to find ways to implement workable strategies to reduce exposures to EMF’s and RF’s.

L.S., Oakland

We built a new home and wanted to make sure that we were living in a healthy environment. Liz helped us figure out how to reduce EMFs in our home. She is very knowledgeable, professional and practical. She is passionate about her work and is tenacious about helping her clients find solutions. We are lucky to have found her!

M.B., Palo Alto